About ReloShare

Read on for a little Relo-History and our starting story!

Built on Innovation and Community
An unforeseen confluence of events fast-tracked ReloShare from an idea for modernizing the corporate housing industry to an immediate resource for domestic violence agencies.

CEO Matt Singley is the owner of Pinnacle Furnished Suites, an established and award winning corporate housing provider. In late 2019, Matt began exploring the idea of developing ReloShare with the goal of streamlining and simplifying the business-to-business corporate housing booking process by creating a aggregate booking site with real-time inventory and immediate booking.

In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic put a halt on business travel, leaving many corporate housing units vacant. Around the same time, Matt saw a news story that discussed the scarcity of available spaces for domestic violence victims since shelter capacities were diminished due to social distancing requirements and health concerns of congregate shelter programs. On a whim, Matt reached out to The Network: Advocating Against Domestic Violence, the statewide Illinois domestic violence coalition, to see if corporate housing could be a solution to the need for immediate shelter spaces for survivors.

In May of 2020, ReloShare entered into a partnership with The Network and quickly mobilized support and consolidated over 100 apartment options from local CHPA | Corporate Housing Providers Association members. These apartments were available for real-time booking via the 24/7 Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline staff’s ReloShare logins. Instant-booking technology allowed check-ins in less than 30 minutes after a crisis call, and we were able to safely house over 100 survivors of domestic violence in under 2 months. While ReloShare wasn't initially conceptualized to do this work, the partnership led to the development of Safe Stays by ReloShare, a dedicated program to help make ReloShare's platform available to government and nonprofits that need help securing safe housing solutions.