Instant-Booking & Live-Sourcing Software for Corporate Housing & Hotels

Make the most of your time (and your clients')

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What ReloShare Does
Simplify your life by inserting your existing provider/client relationships into ReloShare

Provide Established Clients with the Ultimate Tool - Instant Booking
Stop relying on slow and time-consuming email for established client requests. Free your sales team and allow clients to book whenever they want!

Source from Provider Partners in Real-Time and Present Options to External Clients in Seconds
With the click of the mouse, you can source available options from partners for your client's needs. You no longer need to "source" via email, phone call, text, or carrier pigeon.

Display Negotiated or Unit-Specific Rates to Specific Clients for Booking
Pricing can be customized based on negotiated master agreement rates and/or unit-specific rates.

The Old Way (for Providers)

We all know how it goes. Housing “options” have been requested by your client or another corporate housing supplier.

1. You receive the date request
2. Proceed to search your inventory for available options
3. Put together an email of options
4. Await feedback/questions
5. Client eventually says they want to book
6. You say, "Great Let me process that for you"
7. Maybe the option is still available, maybe it's not

At this point everyone is relatively happy, but wondering why such a simple/routine process took so long and cost so much in hours.

The ReloShare Way

The future of booking corporate housing units:

1. Client logs in
2. Views all available options in real-time with actual photos of the unit
3. Client books in real-time with no unnecessary back and forth

A real-time booking can be completed in less than a few minutes. Questions can be asked if necessary, but all pertinent information is available in real-time. No endless regurgitation of information necessary.

Why ReloShare

Advantages & Features

Present Inventory in Real-Time
Display your available inventory (or supplier partner's!) to existing clients for real-time booking.
Allow Clients to Book in Seconds
Your clients can log in, see available inventory and pertinent details, and book in seconds.
Provider & Client - Consolidate Reservations and Billing
Reservation dashboards & billing features allow you to "roll up" client/provider specific business. Make it easier for everyone!
Create Offersheets
Select units that you would like to show your client quickly (your own or live sourced from partners) and allow them to decline or confirm directly from the Offer Sheet.
Optionally Distribute Inventory to Booking Platforms
We are connected to various distribution partners via API and can distribute your listings globally in real-time.
Fully Customizable
Customize your pricing parameters, down days, and prorations to your unique business rules and negotiated contract terms.
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