About ReloShare

A social enterprise born from corporate housing roots, providing national relocation services for those in need.

Our Story
Started by two guys with a mission to modernize corporate housing, an unforeseen confluence of events fast-tracked ReloShare into an immediate resource for domestic violence agencies.
August 2005
Co-founders Matt Singley and John Moats meet while attending Bradley University in Peoria, IL.
May 2014
Matt teams up with Collin Walker to launch Pinnacle Furnished Suites: a short-term, temporary corporate housing provider in the Chicago area.
A screenshot of a Bradley Magazine story. The image features Matt Singley jumping on a bed pointing at the camera. The words "Home, sweet (short-term) home. Need a place to rent without a long-term commitment? This Bradley alumni-owned company can help." displayed to the left of the image of Matt jumping on the bed.
April 2019
John joins Pinnacle Furnished Suites as Systems Architect, building innovative tech solutions for the corporate housing provider.

Prior to joining officially, John provided ad hoc support while working as an Application Designer for Oracle. John also launched Short Door Media, a full-service digital agency, in 2019.
A headshot of John Moats. John is a white man with shoulder-length blonde hair and glasses.

“Corporate housing was so old school – we just knew there were ways to make it faster, easier, and better.”

- John, Co-Founder/CTO

Fall 2019
John and Matt discuss the need to simplify the B2B corporate housing booking process, by creating an aggregate reservation site with real-time inventory and instant booking.

The idea for ReloShare is born.
Screenshot of John Moats and Matt Singley bantering through email and naming the company ReloShare.
March 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic stopped business travel, leaving many corporate housing units vacant.

John and Matt see a news story discussing the scarcity of available spaces for domestic violence victims.

On a whim, they reach out to The Network: Advocating Against Domestic Violence, which runs the Illinois statewide domestic violence hotline. They ask one simple question, “Can corporate housing be a solution for those in need of immediate shelter spaces for survivors?”

May 2020
ReloShare partners with The Network and quickly fast-tracks the development of their real-time corporate housing booking platform.

The partnership houses more than 100 domestic violence survivors in under 2 months.
🚀 ReloShare launches.
June 2020
A second partnership is launched in the Bay Area, using ReloShare's technology and corporate housing inventory for domestic violence housing.

The partnership lead is Paige Allmendinger, the Deputy Chief of Victim Services at the San Francisco DA’s Office.
March 2021
Seeing the potential impact ReloShare could bring to domestic violence agencies nationwide, Paige joins the team and proposes an idea that would reshape emergency housing access for social service agencies across the country: a hotel booking website.
A headshot of Paige Allmendinger. A white woman with a short light brown haircut and a blue top.

“My work has always centered on improving services for victims of crime. John and Matt allowed me to leverage what they created in Chicago in the Bay Area, to build what I knew was a game-changer for victim service providers across the country.”

- Paige, Head of Safe Stays

June 2021
After finding brand-level hotel partners and leveraging the infrastructure of ReloShare’s corporate housing portal, they launch Safe Stays – the first and only hotel booking website designed to meet the unique challenges of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault agencies.
A headshot of Matt Singley. A white man with dark brown hair and a dark brown beard. Wearing a suit jacket and button up shirt.

“ReloShare started as a simple spinoff corporate housing solution, but has evolved into something far beyond, helping people in dire need, and has changed my life.”

- Matt, Co-Founder/CEO

December 2021
January 2022
First month where 1000+ nights booked via Safe Stays
February 2022
March 2022
June 2022
The 200th agency signs up to use Safe Stays 🎉

"ReloShare has been so helpful in securing safe housing for our clients. They take care of confirming hotel space, ensuring that our clients do not have to share their name or provide identification upon. They are prompt with their responses and keep us updated throughout the booking process. We love the convenience that ReloShare provides to the staff!"

- Donna Sarullo, Director of Programs and Operations, Journey Out

Now, Reloshare is using its instant-booking technology to power custom hotel and corporate housing reservation systems, for clients and sectors that have always been overlooked.