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More Than Just a Booking Site.

ReloShare provides the first, and only, B2B hotel booking site designed for social service agencies, including healthcare providers, law enforcement, prosecutor's offices, domestic violence & human trafficking nonprofits.

When you list your hotel with ReloShare, you're supporting hundreds of nonprofit and governmental agencies across the country who are booking hotel stays for their clients.

Earn Revenue on Unused Rooms
  • Maximize earnings by filling otherwise unused rooms. Most bookings are for same-day check-in.
  • Deposits and incidentals are covered by ReloShare's payment on file.
  • Our 24/7 team provides round-the-clock support for check-in support & customer care questions.
Make a Difference in Your Community
  • Make your hotel easily bookable for government & nonprofit agencies.
  • Future training opportunities for hotel staff.
  • Provide excellent customer service to guests seeking safety.

Core ReloShare Hotel Agreements

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Alias Approved

Hotels that sign-up to be listed on ReloShare's sites agree to allow guests to check-in under an alias and do not require ID at check-in.

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No CC or Deposit from Guest

We cover all costs, deposits, and incidentals. Guests should not be asked for cash or a credit card at check-in.

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Rate Load Info

Please click here to learn more about our rate load agreement and instructions for participating hotels.

Joining ReloShare

Signing up can take as little as 15 minutes.

When you list your hotel with ReloShare, you do more than open up your hotel to new customers.

You get our team's backing, resources, and tools to help train your staff. This includes:

  • Custom cross-branded posters for your front desk staff
  • Short, easy to share training videos to help update your team on the ReloShare check-in process.
  • It's your choice regarding which types of bookings your hotel will accept.
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Answers to Your Questions

Why would a guest need to check-in under an alias?

Sometimes guests have lost their IDs or they have been stolen. Other times, it's safer for guests to stay under an alias name for safety reasons.

Who will cover the costs if we are not collecting a credit card or deposit from the guest?

For each reservation, our 24/7 team will call and provide payment over the phone before the guest arrives. Our payment method will cover the cost of the stay, deposits, and fees.

What happens if the room is damaged by a guest?

All incidentals and damages for stays booked via ReloShare are covered by our payment methods on file. We may ask for corroborating materials, such as pictures or video of the damages for our records and reconciliation process.

When will my property be available for bookings?

Once you have finished uploading your hotel information, our team will contact you when the hotel is live on our site and available for bookings.

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