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Forgotten Children, Inc. (FCI)

The mission of FCI is to rescue, restore, educate, and bring hope to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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"The personal liberty of individuals around the globe are being violated with the intent to obtain labor, commercial sex, and obscene exploitation for the benefit of monetary profit. In the fight against human trafficking, YOU CAN HELP! Become a Justice Partner today by donating credits towards an emergency safe stay for a victim being rescued and beginning their journey to restoration."

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Jacquenetta Khati
Vice President of Operations
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Safe Stays Credits



Safe Stays Credits



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How it works

Help cover the cost of confidential hotel stays

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Step 1

Credits are purchased and deposited directly into an agency's Safe Stays account.

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Step 2

Agencies redeem these credits to purchase hotel stays for their clients.

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Step 3

Embrace the joy of your kind gesture!


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