Safe Stays User Guide

24/7 Contact

In the event you need assistance with a reservation or should any issues or questions arise during the guest’s stay, you can contact our 24/7 team in two ways:
  1. Email our 24/7 support team. This email address is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week @*
  2. Call our 24/7 support team at Temporary Housing Directory @ 800-817-3220.
* The 24/7 email address is not automatically included in the correspondence confirming the initial reservation. If you need our team's assistance after the reservation has been confirmed, please be sure to include the email address to ensure our 24/7 team receives the message.

General Booking Process

Booking a hotel stay for your guests using the Safe Stays hotel booking platform means you'll have support from our 24/7 team with each step along the way.

Click here for an in-depth walk through of our site.

Step 1:
When you log into your Safe Stays account, you'll start by searching a location, check-in and check-out date. You can search based on a specific street address or simply by city and state. If you search by a specific address, the results will sort by the hotels that are closest to your searched location.

The hotels that populate are the ones that show they have availability for the dates you searched. When you click "View Available Rates" you'll see what room types are available and what amenities each room offers. Once you find the best room for your guest, click "Book Now" and complete the reservation request.
Step 2: As soon as you book the room, you'll receive an email confirmation from our site. Note: Please do not send the guest to the hotel until Steps 3 and 4 are complete.
Email Confirmation Image

Step 3: Next our 24/7 team will send an email confirming that they are calling the hotel.

Example of an email  confirming that we are calling the hotel
Step 4: Our team will confirm once they've spoken to the front desk and the hotel is ready to accept the guest.
Email confirmation after team spoke to the front desk

In-Depth Demo of Safe Stays Site

Booking Using an Alias

Screenshot of alias approved hotels on Safe Stays

When you search for a hotel on the Safe Stays site, those that are highlighted in green and have the "Alias Approved" badge can be booked under an alias with no credit card or ID requirements at check-in.

The hotels that are not highlighted in green can still be booked with no credit card required at check-in; however, the guest may be required to show ID.

If you choose a hotel that is not highlighted in green, you’ll see a pop-up reminding you that this is not an Alias Approved hotel

Warning message stating that the hotel selected is not alias-approvedCreate Hotel Reservation Screen
When reserving a hotel room for a guest with an alias, you will select “Yes” under “Guest Using Alias Name”. An Alias will be generated for you. You can edit the first name yourself, or “Generate New Alias Name”.

The first and last name in the reservation will be the name the guest will need to present to check in. Safe Stays by ReloShare never needs the real name of the guest for Alias Approved Hotel reservations. While we ask if a guest has a government-issued ID, if the hotel is Alias Approved, they will not need to show it at the front desk.

What is the Customer ID Field?

This is an optional section that was built in for your internal agency use. This field can be used for a case management system ID or a billing code. For example, some agencies use the client ID that is associated with their client in their case management system. That way, if the agency can’t recall which alias they used for a specific client, they can refer to the Customer ID.

If you would like the Customer ID included on your monthly invoice, please send the request to

Extension Requests

If you have a client who is currently a guest in a room booked via Safe Stays by Reloshare, you can request an extension through our system. Go to "Hotel Reservations" -- > Click "Extend" --> Enter the new check-out date --> Search for available rooms --> Click the room size that matches the existing reservation --> Confirm.

If the room size the guest is currently staying in is not listed as available, click on any available room and in the notes section state "the room size the guest is in was not available. The guest would like to stay in their existing room."

Our team will call and confirm the details of the extension and will follow-up with you via email when the extension is confirmed with the hotel with any follow-up instructions. For example, the guest may need to go to the front desk for a new key if a stay is extended.

If there is not space available (ex. the hotel is full for the nights you need the extension), you will need to search and book a new reservation at a different hotel. Best practice is to book the extension as soon as you confirm it is needed.
Gif showing how to extend a reservation

Early Check-In Requests

Typical hotel check-in times are 3-4pm; however, we understand sometimes guests may need to check-in earlier. You can request an early check-in within the reservation. There is an “Expected Check-In” option. You will be able to select the time that your guest needs to check-in. When our team receives the request, we will contact the hotel to determine if an early check-in is possible. Early check-in availability will vary depending on the availability of the hotel (ex. If the hotel was booked to capacity the previous night, they may not have the ability to check guests in early). Our team will quickly follow-up with you to confirm via email if an early check-in is available for the guest’s stay.
Gif showing how to submit an early check-in request

Overnight Check-In Requests

Sometimes you’ll need to book a reservation and have a guest check-in in the middle of the night/early morning hours. When this happens, please select the time you need the guest to check-in. After midnight, the system won't allow us to book for the night before.

For example, if you make a reservation for 1 AM on the day of, our 24/7 team calls and confirms with the front desk if the hotel actually has rooms available immediately and then they manually add the prior night's stay to the reservation. They then email you to confirm that the guest can check-in @ 1 AM, which would technically be billed for the previous night. The reservation will default to 2 nights unless otherwise noted in the notes field. If you only need the room for that one night (ex: your guest checks in at 1 AM and checks out at 11 AM), please note that in the “Notes” section of the reservation so our 24/7 team can confirm with the hotel.

Cancellation Requests

If you need to cancel a reservation for any reason, you will need to do so directly through our portal. If you book in advance and then need to cancel a reservation, you will be beholden to the cancellation policy of the hotel (which you can see while you’re making a reservation). If you book a room, and the hotel informs our 24/7 team that the specific accommodations you’ve requested cannot be made, you can cancel the reservation immediately with no charge, regardless of the hotel’s cancellation policy.

Reset Password

If you can't remember your password, you can re-set your password. On the log-in page, click "Forgot your password" at the bottom of the screen. Enter your email address and click "Submit." You'll receive an email with instructions for updating your password.
Gif showing how to reset password

Adding, Editing, and Deactivating Agents

The Admin account for your agency has the ability to add new agents, edit existing agents, or deactivate agencies.
To edit the Agents for your agency, click "Agents" on the lefthand side of your account dashboard.
Gif showing how to add, edit, and deactivate agents from Safe Stays