If you're in danger, please call 911 if safe, the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233  (TTY 1-800-787-3224), the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673, or the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

Safe Stays by ReloShare

Simplified hoteling solutions for social service providers.

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Less Hassle. More Support.

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No Fees

No minimum booking/membership fee. Simply pay for the reservations you need and nothing more.
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Book Under an Alias

It may be unsafe to use a guest's real name, which is why we allow your client to use a fake one.
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Consolidated Billing

Consolidated monthly billing just once a month, payable via ACH wire or check.
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Check-in confirmation

For every reservation, we call the front desk to confirm details and ensure check-in goes smoothly.
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No Credit Card, No ID

Fewer barriers to safety since guests aren't required to provide the hotel a photo ID, credit card or deposit.
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Instant Availability

No wasted time looking for  safe housing options, just rooms that are available immediately.

Gift Cards to Support Local Service Agencies

You can now purchase ReloShare gift cards for agencies that use Safe Stays. With gift cards, your money will go directly towards covering hotel costs for people in need.

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What Our Users Say About Safe Stays

"Safe Stays by ReloShare has been an invaluable resource for our agency. What used to take hours – searching for, booking and checking clients into hotel rooms – now takes just minutes. The time our staff would have spent researching, securing, and arranging accommodations can now be focused on the survivor’s safety planning, healing and moving forward. With the large number of hotels available on Safe Stays, we were even able to book hotel rooms for a survivor of domestic violence and her children as they traveled across the country for safety."

Andrea Strough, Residential Services Director, Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc.
"ReloShare has been so helpful in securing safe housing for our clients. They take care of confirming hotel space, ensuring that our clients do not have to share their name or provide identification upon arrival. They are prompt with their responses and keep us updated throughout the booking process. We love the efficiency that ReloShare creates for our staff."

- YWCA Richmond Crisis Shelter Department
"When a client needs our help after regular business hours, it used to take us hours to find a hotel, book it, call the hotel to confirm information, and then the biggest headache was getting hotels to allow us to leave a card on file so that client's wouldn't have to. Now, it takes us less than 30 minutes to find and book a hotel, then we get a quick response from a ReloShare representative letting us know that they are taking care of all the communication with the hotel.

More of our clients have felt safe booking hotel rooms knowing that they could use an alias, and for the clients who don't have a photo ID, Safe Stays is a total game changer. Before using Safe Stays, we dreaded having to find a hotel for a client because it was so stressful. Now staff, volunteers, and clients alike all get excited when we say we can find a safe place for the client tonight, even if her abuser destroyed her ID. We were generally providing one hotel stay a month, but now we average at least 3 bookings a month."

- Justin M., Victim Services Coordinator, Ahimsa House
"Safe Stays by ReloShare is an amazing service for any HT or DV organization. To have clients safely placed in a hotel under an alias is revolutionary for victims who are running from dangerous people and situations. Before this service, we had to place victims under the names of our staff members, if they had no ID, or we had to establish relationships with individual hotels. Now we can book a room without worrying about this obstacle and our clients are safely placed under an alias."

- Donna Sarullo, Director of Programs and Operations, Journey Out
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Need a Block of Rooms?

ReloShare can negotiate room blocks utilizing its relationships + purchasing power with hotels to get the rooms you need for a great price.

We can help with hotel blocks for programs such as:
  • Isolation & Quarantine Programs
  • Refugee Resettlement Emergency Housing
  • Winter Shelter Hoteling Programs
  • Disaster Service Worker Lodging

Safe Stays FAQ

Can I use hotel rooms using my nonprofit tax exempt status?


Right now we are not able to offer tax exemptions for hotel rooms booked via Safe Stays.

Since we are not a tax exempt company and we make the reservations, we currently are ineligible from making tax-exempt hotel bookings. However, we are looking into how we can pass along our client's tax exempt status in applicable states.

How am I billed?


Agencies will be invoiced for all reservations in the previous month within the first 15 days of the next month. Please note this means if a reservation starts in one month and ends in another, you could be invoiced for the reservation total before the stay is technically over.

Have a question about billing? Email billing@reloshare.com

What should I put in the Customer ID field?


This is an optional section that was built in for your internal agency use. This field is included for agencies that want to use a client ID to link the invoice back to the correct client. For example, the client ID can match the number assigned within the case management system. That way, if the agency can’t recall which alias they used for a specific client, they can refer to the Customer ID.

We know that agencies sometimes have multiple grants and/or sources of funding for their hotel stays. This box can also be used to differentiate which grant will be used to pay for which stay.

Can guest(s) charge extras to the account without our knowledge?


No, the only extras that will be allowed are those that are included in the reservation request. Unless otherwise noted, the only charges that will be billed to the account are the nightly rate, taxes, and any applicable charges if there is damage to the property.

If your agency wants to allow guests to make charges to the account, please indicate which charges are allowable in the “Notes” section of the reservation request. For example:

“The guest needs 1 rollaway bed for the duration of the stay. Also, please allow charges for long-distance phone calls to be billed to the account.”

Can government agencies use this program?


Yes! If you need us to complete vendor paperwork, you can send it to safestays@reloshare.com and we will complete it as soon as possible.

Download our W9 here.

What is the process when damages occur?


The hotel will inform our 24/7 support team of damages once the client has checked out. We will relay that information to the agency contact once we receive the information.

All damage fees will be reflected on your monthly invoice.

How are disturbances/client issues handled?


Our 24/7 support team will reach out via email to the agency contact associated with the reservation as soon as they are contacted by the hotel. We ask that your advocates follow-up with your client accordingly to remedy the issue. 

Examples of Client Issues: 

  • Client won’t leave the room at check-out 
  • Noise disturbances 
  • Unwelcome guests

Are the room rates lowered for Safe Stays clients?


No. However, hotels typically offer lower rates for longer stays so there is a benefit to booking longer stays for clients.

Length of stay discounts are usually applied for reservations at 7, 14, and 30 day intervals.

Is Safe Stays HIPAA compliant?


Not yet. ReloShare understands the extreme importance of client confidentiality and will be actively working to provide full HIPAA compliance. Contact us to discuss HIPPA compliance in more detail.

Can hotels be booked for minors?


No, minors cannot be booked into hotels by themselves.

What type of agencies are approved as users?


We only allow funded agencies with paid staff to apply for and obtain a Safe Stays account. Each agency that applies must go through our vetting process before approval. 

Other questions?

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