If you are in danger, please call the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233and TTY 1-800-787-3224, the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673, the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888, or 911 if it is safe to do so.

Safe Stays by ReloShare

Nonprofit and government agencies need faster, easier ways to rapidly book safe housing options

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"Safe Stays by ReloShare would have saved me countless hours when I was working as an advocate with crime survivors. As someone who knows firsthand the competing priorities direct service providers face each day, spending hours booking and managing safe hotel stays for survivors wastes valuable time that should be spent providing life-saving services. We’re excited to make Safe Stays available to nonprofit and government agencies to redirect time & effort back to the most important work." - Paige Allmendinger, Head of Safe Stays
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Why Safe Stays

Safe Stays by Reloshare offers the ability to book rooms from national hotel providers in real-time with built-in confidentiality features.
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No minimum booking or membership fee
Only pay for the units you book and only book the units you need.
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Book using an alias
For safety reasons, it may be unsafe to use a guest's real name when booking rooms. ReloShare allows you to book hotels using an alias.
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Consolidated monthly billing
ReloShare provides monthly consolidated billing payable via ACH, wire, or check for all rooms booked on the platform.
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Check-in confirmation
For each hotel reservation, ReloShare's team calls to confirm the booking at the hotel to ensure check-in goes smoothly when the guest arrives.
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Fewer barriers to safety
Guests don't have to provide a photo ID or credit card at check-in for hotel rooms booked via ReloShare.
Three circles connected. Each of the circles has a symbol for a hotel inside, showing a network of hotels.
Real-time inventory & booking
Spend less time looking for available safe housing options and more time providing services. ReloShare shows you units available to book right now.
Why Safe Stays?
Frequently asked questions about Safe Stays

What information is provided to the hotel about the Safe Stays reservation and guest(s)?


The following language is sent to the hotel regarding a reservation made through the Safe Stays by ReloShare booking system:

“Guest is staying under the ‘ReloShare Safe Stay ALIAS’ program approved by your company and administered by Temporary Housing Directory.

You CAN NOT ask for any driver’s license, credit card, or any other form of identification from this guest. The room key should be issued when the guest provides their ALIAS name that matches the reservation.

If there are any questions or issues, please call THD @ xxx-xxx-xxxx

Alias Name on Reservation: [First name] [Last name]"

Which agencies can request to use Safe Stays by ReloShare?


Safe Stays by ReloShare is available to nonprofit , hospital-based and government agencies that serve victims of crime.

What should I put in the fields "First Name" & "Last Name"?


The answer to this question depends on whether or not you are using an alias for the booking. The names entered in this section will be the names the guest needs to present at the front desk in order to check into the room you’ve reserved.

If you are using an alias, you should still put an actual First Name and Last Name in these fields. Some agencies have chosen to develop an internal policy. For example, all of the clients use the same last name, but the first name changes for each unique client -- Sarah Smith, Jasmine Smith, Terry Smith, etc.

Please do not use the exact same alias for all of the clients. Since you may have more than one client checked in to the hotel at the same time, the front desk of the hotel will not be able to differentiate between reservations using the same name.

What should I put in the Customer ID field?


This is an optional section that was built in for your internal agency use. This field is included for agencies that want to use a client ID so when they receive the invoice they can link the cost back to the correct client. For example, some agencies use the client ID that is associated with their client in their case management system. That way, if the agency can’t recall which alias they used for a specific client, they can refer to the Customer ID.

Can guest(s) charge extras to the account without our knowledge?


No, the only extras that will be allowed are those that are included in the reservation request. Unless otherwise noted, the only charges that will be billed to the account are the nightly rate, taxes, and any applicable charges if there is damage to the property.

If your agency wants to allow guests to make charges to the account, please indicate which charges are allowable in the “Notes” section of the reservation request. For example:

“The guest needs 1 rollaway bed for the duration of the stay. Also, please allow charges for long-distance phone calls to be billed to the account.”

Still have questions? Email us at:safestays@reloshare.com

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