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1000's of our participating Alias Approved hotels allow you to book guests under an alias, and allow the guests to check in without an ID. And all of our hotels allow guests to check in without a credit card.

24/7 Reservations

Our support team confirms reservations made via Safe Stays 24/7. After midnight? Our team calls to confirm overnight check-in availability. 5am? Our team is sending a confirmation email in just minutes.

Multiple Users

Each member of your team can have their own unique log-in. All reservations made by all users will be consolidated in one monthly invoice.

Individual Stays

Safe Stays users can book at any of our thousands of participating hotels across the nation. Reservations can be made in your local service area or across the country with the same reservation features.

Becoming a Vendor

ReloShare is able to quickly complete all of your paperwork in order to become a vendor. Simply send us the documentation needed, and we will set up your free account so you can start booking!

blue map of the USA with lots of pins indicating Safe Stays has alias approved hotels around the country

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