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Safe Stays by ReloShare Wins Chicago Innovation Award for Unique Technology Solution to Social Service Crisis Housing
CHICAGO, December 8, 2021—Safe Stays by ReloShare has won the Social Innovator Award from Chicago Innovation for its first-of-its-kind technology platform that successfully addresses the challenge of finding quick and anonymous emergency housing for crime victims.
The BIG (inventory) SQUEEZE: Corporate Housing in 2021
In my never-ending quest to offer my unsolicited and optimistic opinions regarding corporate housing to my network, I feel it's necessary to offer a vision of a possible future.
2021 Predictions From a Corporate Housing Founder & Tech CEO
If your 2020 was anything like mine, it started with almost limitless optimism for 2020. Businesses were booming, people were traveling, and everyone needed housing. It was going to be a banner year! As we all know, that quickly faded into depths of despair not seen since the Great Recession or 9/11. Collectively, it’s likely worse. Countless news cycles discuss the actual virus, sickness, death, lack of personal connection, politics, etc., and I’ll leave that to others. I’m here to talk about what will happen in our world - temporary, corporate, serviced (whatever you call it), housing.